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Get the best warranty around

When you get repairs from our ASE-certified team, you won't just have 33 years of experience on your side, but also a great nationwide warranty on nearly all repairs.

Take advantage of our WINTER service special  

Make sure to check back often, as our service specials change throughout the year. This special is perfect for getting ready for the upcoming seasonal change, trips and more.


This special begins with an oil and filter change, as well as a tire rotation and depth check.  We pay particular emphasis on inspecting systems vulnerable to the upcoming summer heat and humidity. The below services are also included.

Let us check your wipers and fluids

“I've been doing business with Sullivan's since the 80's.  They have always done great work

and more importantly, treated

me like their top

customer.”- Joe C.

 •  Wipers and windshield solvent

 •  Heating and air conditioning systems

 •  Coolant protection

 •  Fluid levels, conditions and signs of leaks

 •  Cabin and air filter conditions

Get inspection of the essentials

 •  All belts and hoses

 •  Brakes and brake pads

 •  Radiator and fan condition

 •  Battery charge state

 •  Suspension and steering system

Radiator 49_ds

$49.95 *

(Plus hazmat & supplies) Excludes Diesels, 3/4 - 1 ton trucks, synthetic oil, over 5 quarts )