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We'll keep you cool and comfortable

While not as vital to your vehicle's operation as your brakes, your air conditioning system is important for keeping you cool while you drive in hot weather. Let us provide the service you need.

Get knowledgeable service to ensure your vehicle's safety

Over the years, brake systems have become more and more complex, but one thing that hasn't changed is their importance. Without sound brakes, you won't be safe driving your vehicle. Let our team with over 30 years of experience inspect and service your brakes for your safety.


You should get your brakes checked out once per year by our ASE-certified team to ensure that they are in safe working condition at all times.

Signs that your brakes need service

“These people came in under estimate, were very friendly, and gave us a loaner car.”  - Heather H.

 •  You have to push harder to brake

 •  Vibration in the steering wheel when braking

 •  Squealing or screeching sounds

 •  Red brake warning light is lit

 •  Hard and stiff or soft and mushy feeling

Let us check for wear and tear

 •  Hydraulics

 •  Master cylinders

 •  Calipers

 •  Wheel cylinders

 •  Anti-lock brake system

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